The Chinese course for starters is consisted of 3 Levels. Every level has 4 modules. Every module is a new theme.

You won't learn Chinese by heart, you will study it with your mind, after immersion the course, you don't need to translate your thoughts using the rules, you will just think Chinese.

The course will not only teach you how to do, but it also will show the most popular mistakes the students do.

You agree it is better to use others mistakes than make your's.

The price is reduced! Now it is 149 Euro

Modules of the 1st Level:


Modules of the 2nd Level:


Modules of the 3rd Level:


·     Language Basics

·     Greetings and Introductions

·     Work and School

·     Shopping


·     Travel

·     Past and Future

·     Friends and Social life

·     Dining and Vacation


·     Home and Health

·     Life and World

·     Everyday Things

·     Places and Events